6 Natural Foods That Strengthen Your Nails

Are you looking forward to having stronger nails? What is the way forward? Relax! To avert brittle and weak nails, all you need is to eat the right food. The idea is simple; eating right food adds essential nutrients to your body thus making your nails stronger besides nourishing other parts of your body. Foods that contain nutrient elements such as iron, copper, zinc, selenium, beta-carotene and biotin are known to strengthen your nails. If you are a daily taker of food rich in these nutrients, having stronger nails can therefore be a simple task to achieve. You don’t have to develop a strict diet program to achieve this but all you need to do is to incorporate such foods into your meals. Take a look at some of the essential foods that are source of such nutrients.


FishFish is known to have a lean source of protein that can easily be assimilated and used by the body. Your nails are fed with keratin when you eat food rich in lean protein. It is advisable to eat specific fish such as shrimp, tuna and crab because they are low in mercury. Avoid those with high mercury such as swordfish. You should take such meal at least 3 times a week.


This is a special green seaweed plant that has been proven to be a great source of nutrients. It contains Vitamin A in form of beta-carotene, magnesium and Vitamin B. Spirulina is also a source of iron. You need to create soups and salads using this amazing plant.


AlmondsThey strengthen the nails because they contain copper, manganese, selenium, biotin, protein and zinc. You need to eat them raw by adding them as toppings in meals such as oatmeal and yogurt. Energy bars made at home can also use almonds.


These seeds contain high percentage of essential amino acids and omega 3 fats and not forgetting proteins that your nails crave for. What makes hemp seed a miraculous seed is that it also contains manganese, biotin, selenium and other nutrients making it a complete diet meal. A sizeable amount of hemp seeds should be added to your oatmeal, smoothies or you can also prepare energy bars from them. They can always be used as a replacement to nuts.


Eggs are one of those animal products that are high recommended. They need to be eaten in the right way. For example, you need to eat eggs from sources that have not been injected with hormones. Eggs are a good source of protein that is needed by the body and it also contains Vitamin D. It is also a source of Vitamin E and Omega 3 fats just to mention. You need to prepare eggs using your preferred method and basically eat it during breakfast.


VegeThey are good source of nutrients that your nails need to be stronger than before. It contains copper, protein, zinc, Vitamin E, A and also magnesium. These nutrients are in a form that is easy to assimilate into a person’s system. You just need to prepare salad or smoothies using leafy green. Soup can also work great.

Ultimate Tips To Keep Yourself Productive and Busy

Keeping your mind occupied with constructive things is a great way of ensuring a healthy life. Note that, it is through constructive things that we train ourselves on being creative and useful in life. On the other hand, engaging yourself in mediocre things will only deteriorate your intellectual growth and also endanger your health.

It is only normal that people get irritated with a great deal of things in life. However, living in a sad state is one of the worst threats to human health and welfare in general. To ensure that you get out of that sad and bothering mood, it is a great idea to engage in something that will change the focus of your mind. That way, you can be assured of replacing any bother with joy and peace. Here are some of the most effective things you can do to keep yourself busy and productive:

Follow Your HHobbiesobbies

There is that thing that you like doing the most and one that makes you happy. Such things can play a great role in keeping you fully occupied and more so productive. Note that hobbies are things that people like with utmost passion. This means that once you engage in them, your mind will be carried away into something healthy, productive and constructive.

Visit The Gym

Going for regular workouts is always considered a great way of keeping yourself busy and productive. Needless to say, anything done in the gym is quite tough and demanding hence your mind will be completely channeled into what you are doing. In addition, workouts will go a long way in ensuring that you enhance your body functionality. Be sure to set a target and ensure that you reach it.

Go For Classes

Do you have something that you really want to learn about in future? Well, if you feel that you do not have much to engage in, then you can start classes and learn what you have always been interested in. Enroll in one of the educational training institutions and embark on knowing things that you did not know in the past. It actually does not matter the kind of lessons you want to take. What matters is that you are engaging is something productive and healthy for your life.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Here comes yet another great way of keeping yourself occupied and productive. You must have people who you consider very close to your heart. It could be your wife, husband, children, friends or any other person who means a lot in your life. Meeting and spending time with such people is not only a productive thing but also a way of ensuring peace of mind. Sharing life experiences and encounters will give you every reason to smile and make you understand that you are not alone in life.


There is always time for everything. After a long and hectic day of work, it will work ideally if you found time to rest, preferably alone. You can also schedule a vacation holiday to a peaceful place away from your home for a couple of days. This is a great way of keeping your mind calm and also restoring your normal thinking.

7 Ultimate Tips to Keep Your Clothes Last Longer

Clothing is actually one of our basic needs. Clothing’s protects us from various elements and also makes us look decent enough to even go out in public. Besides being functional, clothes are also tools for self-expression. Most of use pick our outfits based on the reaction that we want to elicit, the mood that we are in and also as reflection of our personality .As important as they are, clothes actually don’t come cheap. That is main reason why we need to get the best out of them. There are several steps that you can actually take to prolong their life of your clothing. Personally I have clothes some of which are more than a decade old and I actually don’t want them to wear out since they are likely to stay in style for another decade. Below are 7 wonderful tips to make you clothes last longer.

Wardrobe Dress

1. Air dry

Air drying your clothes actually make them to last long even if don’t have a clothes line. Personally I like using my clothes line during summer but I do hang them around my laundry room during winter season. The heat of the driers actually works to screen print, stitch overtime and breaks down fabric. Therefore, if you keep your clothes out of that heat you can actually help to prolong their life span. You should only use the dryer just until the water has been taken out of your clothes. Remove moist clothes from the drier and air dry them.

2. Use the delicate cycle.

Using delicate cycle on your washing is not only much easier on your clothes than the regular one, but can also help preserve the lifespan of your clothes. That includes your favorite items like shirts, jeans and sweaters. Using the delicate cycle is definitely among the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your clothes.

3. Use the right washing detergent.

Fold ClothesToday, there are many types of detergents in the market and all of them claim to be the best. This has made it difficult for consumers to actually make the right choice on the right detergent to use. The best type of detergent to use is one that uses natural product without a bunch of harmful chemicals that can easily damage the materials of your clothes overtime. Select a detergent that does not have a long list of ingredients and one that is free fragrances and dyes. If you are so inclined, you can actually come up with your own washing detergent so that you are aware of what exactly is coming into contact with your clothes.

4. Spread out your closet.

If you put all your clothes in one closet can actually result in pulling and pushing all your garments and that can tear or stretch your clothes overtime causing damage. You will just wind up with wrinkly clothes that need to be ironed frequently which can reduce the lifespan of your clothing. Some fabrics like denim and silk need to breathe so keeping them stuffed in one closet is not a good idea. To increase the lifespan of your clothes, it is recommended that you store your clothes in several closets so that they each have plenty of room.

5. Practice proper stain removal.

It is normal that sometimes you can accidentally stain your favorite skirt or jacket but that doesn’t mean that the item is ruined for life. One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your clothes is to practice proper stain removal. You can blot the stain with a paper towel or cloth right away and once you get home use a stain remover to remove the stain. Air dry the cloth and wash again if the stain persists.

6. Store your clothes properly.

If possible, have a winter and summer wardrobe. When the season change, store the clothes that you won’t be wearing in a cool dry place away from heat or direct sunshine which can easily breaks the clothes’ fiber and also fade the material. Keep your out of season clothes in a tight plastic bag or box to keep dust and bugs out. You can store your out of season clothes in your extra closet or in your basement instead of keeping them outdoor or in your garage.

7. Fold and hang correctly.

Wash ClothesThere are some clothing that actually don’t hold up well when hold with hungers. This includes stretchy materials and sweaters. Such items should be well folded and stored in a plastic storage bins or in drawers. For those items that must ne hanged up, select a good plastic hanger that will not tamper with the shape of the clothes. Avoid wire hangers.